This is our proof of concept demo for real time subtitles.

It's fed in real time by a number of HDHomeRun tuners that are connected to CCExtractor, which in turn decodes the subtitles and uploads them to this system, which uses NodeJS among other things.

It works well, but it's missing lots of useful functionality, for example:

- Program information (name of the running TV show)
- Search
- Download
- Multilanguage support (for example, if the program comes with both English and Spanish subtitles we should allow to display both)
- UI configuration
- Saving settings
- Sharing URL
- Support for all display sizes and devices (“responsiveness”)

Your job is to improve over this proof of concept and come up with a full system.

Note that the most difficult task (get the subtitles from the stream and into the system) is already done; so you don't need to dig into CCExtractor's internals.